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We specialize in supplying high-end aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, biotechnology products and special ingredients that can be used in your fragrance and flavour-based products. As fragrance scent and aroma specialists, we intimately understand the attention to detail and care that makes up every raw product we supply.

We specialize in genuinely modern scent trends and designs for your business


From cosmetics and perfumes to home care and aromatherapy, every manufacturer needs to trust that the raw materials and active odour ingredients they're using are of the highest quality possible. At Fichtner Fine Ingredients, we specialize in genuinely modern scent trends and designs for your business.

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Finest natural ingredients

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Every fragrance we design from the finest natural ingredients ensures that the technology of what we do holds up when used to manufacture your aromas, flavours, and more.

Fragrances and flavours that create positive emotions in your customers

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Fichtner Fine Ingredients strives to bring our solid reputation of fragrance and flavour designers with raw materials of unsurpassed quality. We strive to supply you with fragrances and flavours that ensure every product creates positive emotions in your customers.

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