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Products made using the most natural and organic ingredients possible are quickly taking over the fragrance industry.Consumers want to know that the products they're using on their skin, bodies, and in and around their homes are made from the least chemicals possible.

This is why we've created our full line of natural products distilled directly from the flowers, herbs, and more that are collected from the fields they grow in. We provide your company with the highest grade essential oils you can find on the market and deliver them right to your company as raw material to be used in products across all manufacturing spectrums.

We and our partner companies distill both Mediterranean and International essential oils for any product your company needs to create. If it is not on our list, reach out to our team, and we utilize our extensive relationships and contacts to deliver what you need to make the best products possible for your customers.


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We manufacture and develop propolis ingredients for your skincare products and more. Propolis contains many natural healing abilities and is derived from beeswax. There are many benefits to using all-natural ingredients like propolis in your products.

The propolis we create is designed to be used for its antioxidant capabilities that work to deeply soothe and smooth damaged skin. Discover the powerful benefits packed into this completely natural ingredient from Fichtner Fine Ingredients.

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