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Self care products

Our aroma specialists create personalized compounds based on market trends and offer you several alternatives to find the perfect scent you're looking for your brand. The more unique aromas you need that set your brand apart, the better your brand performs.

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Fine Fragrances

At Fichtner Fine Ingredients we offer an extensive range of custom Fragrance Building Blocks for all sorts of projects. Based on the latest trends, we aim to deliver the perfect scent to match our customers’ needs.

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Our ample experience in the cosmetics fragrances industry has allowed us to proudly offer unique and unequalled cosmetics building blocks capable of generating long lasting impressions in our customers’ clients.

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Haircare is one industry that requires great care put into the fragrances you create. At Fichtner Fine Ingredients, we have been masterfully developing and creating aromas that refresh hair with scents that last.

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Shower Gels

Whether it's shower gels for men or women, customers love the aromas that overcome their senses during the use of your products. We can create any combination of scents that make an experience for your customer and all their senses.

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