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Fragrance Building Blocks

If you're searching for new and innovative ways to improve your customer's scent experience of your products, then our fragrance specialists at Fichtner Fine Ingredients are here to help.

Our fragrance building blocks services provide you with an olfactive experience, demonstrating every odour we design and manufacture directly in each application. When you order a product from us, we include our proprietary Fichtner Building Blocks that are a set of odours that may fit your needs with your order. We will work with your brand to develop your own proprietary building block for further fragrance composition or even a finished fragrance composition.

Whether you are looking for a specific fragrance for a candle, a men's soap or a unisex shower foam for instance, our building blocks are built to offer you the best fitting odours for your product needs.

We are specialists in modern scent trends, and we lead the way in the niche of well-being, air freshener, aromatherapy, and combating bad or undesired odors.

Discover the aromatic difference of the highest quality raw materials you can find with Fichtner Fine Ingredients.

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