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with all-natural flavours and fragrances from Fichtner Fine Ingredients.

We specialize in supplying high-end aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, biotechnology products and special ingredients that can be used in your fragrance and flavour-based products. As fragrance scent and aroma specialists, we intimately understand the attention to detail and care that makes up every raw product we supply.

Why choose us


Finest ingredients

Every product we offer is designed to create new olfactive options to inspire creativity in your development process for all your fragrance and flavour products.


Superior technology

Our scientific partners utilize the most advanced technological solutions to extract and create our raw material products, whether from all-natural ingredients or synthetic origins.


Unparalleled experience

Since 2016, we have been a competent and solution oriented partner in the flavour and fragrance industries by providing unparalleled experience and knowledge to every client.


Our products

Transform your business with our extensive line of high-end aroma chemicals, biotechnology products, essential oils, and unique natural ingredients as well as fragrance building blocks.


Every customer we have trusts that our products are delivered on time and of the highest standard possible. This is why at Fichtner Fine Ingredients, we provide every customer with personal attention to ensure we meet your every need.

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Our extensive knowledge and expertise have rapidly converted us from a start-up into a key player in the F&F industry and allowed us to continue to pioneer how companies use our products to create lasting memories and aromas for their customers.

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